My Links

My other “stuff” online

  • Soul of the Seasons – Ronin Warriors / Yoroiden Samurai Troopers fansite dedicated to the four Dark Warlords / Mashou and Kayura.
  • DeviantART – Sadly I haven’t drawn anything in a long time. Any help getting a new drawing muse is much appreciated.
  • Goodreads Profile – My book catalog on Goodreads.
  • LibraryThing Profile – My book catalog on LibraryThing.
  • Wedding photos – Mass uploaded, so they are out of order.

Book Subscriptions

  • Book of the Month – 5 books picked the 1st of every month. You pick one of the choices to be sent to you. You can add 2 additional books to your shipment for $9.99 each if you like multiple books that they¬† picked, or want a past choice that’s still available.
  • BookCase.Club – 2 books a month for every theme except kids. Books have been either trade size or hardcover. They are not current books. It’s more like books they picked that they think went under the radar and were underappreciated when they were released. They have a sci-fi & fantasy theme.
  • Uppercase Box – YA books monthly. Signed books or bookplates plus an interactive bookmark. (Various pages in the book listed with codes to input to see questions, discussions, etc.) Also lots of nice goodies, both from the publisher and Uppercase. I’ve been very happy with this subscription service. Books sent via Priority Mail in the US.



Japanese “Stuff”

  • Jbox – Lots and lots of stuff to buy from Japan. Language materials, figurines, pens, notebooks, bento, candy, cooking aids, wacky stuff, etc.
  • KissAnime – Anime TV series and movies.
  • Textfugu – Online textbook for Japanese
  • Tofugu – Blog from the creator of Textfugu
  • YokosoNews – Run by Katz Ueno. Japanese culture, lifestyle and entertainment.
  • White Rabbit Press – Japanese language products.

Livestreams & Video Channels


All of these websites allow you to listen to music for free. Some sites listed below may have pay options available, but it isn’t necessary to pay to listen.

  • Epic Music Time – “Epic Music Time is a online radio dedicated to those epic songs you hear in epic movie scenes or video games.”
  • Epic Rock Radio – “We play a mix of progressive (prog), symphonic, and power metal.”
  • Jango – Find stations by categories.
  • Jazz and Rain – Good for a more ambient music atmosphere.
  • – Make your own station or listen to someone else’s.
  • Pandora – Customize stations. Only allowed 6 skips per hour over all your stations, even if you pay for Pandora One. (This is a change. It used to be 6 skips/hr per station.)
  • RadioTunes (Formerly – Live station broadcasts. Select by category.
  • Slacker – Customize your own stations. If you choose to pay you’ll get unlimited skipping.
  • Spotify – Spotify’s web browser. For those who can’t install Spotify on your work computers.



  • Fruitbats – Speed runner for A Link to the Past. Also plays Metroid, Rimworld, Stardew Valley, and more.
  • Pianoimprovman – An excellent piano player.


  • Day of the Shirt – Daily & weekly t-shirt sales are posted here.
  • eReaderIQ – For Kindle books. You can make a watch list for price drops by either the ebook dropping to a certain price or a certain percentage off.
  • Free Web Headers – Where I got the header image I’m using for this website.
  • O’Reilly Media – They have a different ebook deal of the day during the week. DRM free. Good place to look for techie books.
  • Pick At Random – Enter items on a list, one at a time. The website picks a random item. Good if you are indecisive of what book to read next.
  • SimplyNoise – When you just need some background sounds. Also available as an app for iOS and Android.