Life’s Gone to Heck

I’m not even sure how to write this all out.

My father has renal failure. He’s recently been moved to hospice care. Thursday I awoke to an email from one of my brothers with an attachment from the hospice place talking about signs and symptoms of end of life. Not the sort of things I want to picture my father going through.

There’s been talk about what my father’s wishes are in regards to medical care at this point. And also if he wants to be buried or cremated.

Yesterday my mother called and said that since my father served in the military there’s a chance he can get buried in a military cemetery and my mother have a spot next to him. She’s not sure if she wants to do that or not.

Least to say these conversations are going into a direction that while we all have to deal with eventually, I’m.. Well I don’t know how I feel anymore. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I can’t feel anything, overwhelmed I bet from all of it. I already had one anxiety attack over all of this.

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Powell’s Book Haul

First there’s this book I ordered from Powell’s at the beginning of this year. (They were randomly giving away a gift card with orders placed on that day. I didn’t get one.) :

Crochet 101
I found my crocheting tools, so it’s time I try to relearn this stuff. It’s also spiral bound so that makes it easier to follow along.

The rest of the books are books I got when Powell’s had a 20% off sale. Only “The Seeker” was new, and “Ninja Attack” was on sale (overstock?). The rest are all used books. So on top of the used books price I got an extra 20% off. Nice! They are all also books I had on my wishlist.

Oh and don’t pay attention to any lighting you may see on the left side of these books. My monitor was on nearby.

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Latest Barnes & Noble Book Haul

Obviously I have some book buying addiction issues.

I got a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble for Christmas. My husband got one as well. So we decided to visit our local store and see if there was anything we liked.

Now recently I’ve decided to only buy hardcover or trade size books. The type in mass market size is just getting too small for me. Anything I see in mass market size, I’ll just get as an epub ebook. [Kobo] So that narrows down my selections in a bookstore. And even before this decision I would sometimes walk in to B&N and walk out without anything because I couldn’t find anything I liked. Or what I found wasn’t the first book in the series.

This is what I walked out with.

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Goals for 2015

Well besides the book goal there’s..

1. Go through my clothes. Donate what doesn’t fit and is still in good condition. Toss whatever is in bad condition.

This is something I’ve already started working on around Christmas time. I have a small closet in my office room that I went through and donated around 3 bags of clothes (kitchen trash bag size) and 1 backpack I no longer used. Then I moved on to the master bedroom closet, which is pretty big. There I tossed 6 bags of clothes. So a total of 9 bags so far and I’m still not done. A lot of them were clothes I’ve had for over 10 years. Yeah I didn’t fit those anymore. Others were kinds of clothes I didn’t like wearing anymore, like turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks. Those necks I find eventually shrink and I’m always tugging at them. Not very good body language to display. 😛

I can afford to do this now because of my new job I got in April of last year. 1> The new job requires business dress clothes, where my previous job was casual dress. As such I can now go through my casual clothes and get rid of stuff since I wear casual clothing a lot less often now. Basically I can afford for this part of my clothing to go lean right now. 2> I can actually budget for clothing now, where the past several years I couldn’t. These past several years clothing purchases were emergencies when clothing finally started wearing out on me.

So my office closet has been looked through. The master bedroom closet is done for the most part. (I’m down to plain tee shirts that I have to look at individually and try them on to see if they still fit). But next I’ll be moving on to looking through my dressers. Also there’s a pile of clothes in a plastic laundry basket that’s been sitting in the corner of the master bedroom for far too long. It’s time to rewash all that and go through the same process with them.

Also all this work has allowed me to see what types of clothes I need to buy more of now. Right now that’s hoodies and zipped sweaters, long sleeve (collarless) shirts, and pajamas.

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Books to read in 2015

2015 read pile

In 2015 I’m going to focus on reading these books pictured above along with Unbound by Jim C. Hines and A Shard of Sun by Jess E. Owen. (Both due out in 2015.) Theft of Swords is actually the book I’m currently reading, so that’ll be a carry over.

If you’re wondering, the orange dots on the books indicate books I’ve cataloged online already.